Zombie bunnies and new dolls…

I just finished up another custom order tonight and got it listed in my Etsy shop! The dollhouse family is for one of my favorite customers. She has the Mini Modern Blogspot and sets me wonderful new challenges with every order. Here’s a link if you want to see…
Doll House Family

Then since I was at the computer anyway, I listed a Flock? Horde? Gaggle? of Zombie Bunnies that had been sitting around for a while. One more thing checked off on my “to do” list. Hehehe.

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Home Again

We went out to Colorado for a week to visit my family.  We spent the first part of the trip visiting my Father and Stepmother in Estes Park, and had a wonderful time.  The rest of the time we spent with my Aunt Pat who lives in the house I grew up in.  We stayed in my old bedroom (much changed now) and I was pleased to discover that the creepy closet no longer holds any terror for me at all.

Pat’s property borders the Garden of the Gods state park, so her house gets my vote for best back yard ever.  We did some hiking and climbing around on the rocks…  great fun.

Before we left, Pat gave us a quick class in enameling.  This is more impressive than it sounds because my Aunt is that incredibly rare thing, a self supporting artist.  She goes all over the world doing calligraphy and enameling for monasteries, colleges, and so on…  Here is a quick link to her site Pat Musick.

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Ahhh… the 5th 0f July.

Welcome to my very first post! First, I would like to give a huge thank you to my sweet husband for building this site for me.  Love you, Mike. 🙂

Yesterday I worked on dolls in the morning and organized my studio a little better. In the afternoon we all went for a swim. I assumed the water would be nice and warm, just like the last few times I’d been, so I leaped right in… mistake. There weren’t actually any ice cubes floating in the water, but it was a very near thing.  My son was highly amused by the noises I made as I gasped and floundered.  Eeep!

Once I got used to the water though, it was pretty wonderful. We spent about an hour splashing around before dusk, then headed back to the house to set off some ground bloom flowers and other small stuff.  I will never be too old to like sparklers.

I had a new doll idea today- Mini Ninjas! They will be around an inch and a half tall if my evil plans work properly. I think everyone’s desk should have a few. I’ll be working on the prototype tomorrow, so check in over the next few days to see the results. 

Thought for the day- Squirrels are the devils oven mitts.   🙂

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Site Update

This is the CodePirate here with an update on how the site is going.  I am AcornGirl’s husband and local web developer, and from time to time may post to this site with info if she is getting swamped.

I have been running both of our sites using DotNetNuke (DNN) for the last couple of years and it was time for an upgrade.  My site is CodePirateShip.com and hasn’t had anything done to it yet other than installing WordPress.

Let me say, as a programmer, I am rather impressed with the ease of use of WordPress.  Within 2 or 3 days I have been able to set up most of the site mirroring the functionality of the old site, with only a couple of hours of actual work.  Plus we already have additional items we didn’t on the old SilverAcorn site (most notably this blog).

Anyway, there are a few pages that have nothing but a gallery of images at this point.  If you hit one of these please rest assured that text descriptions are on the way.  And if you have any questions, feel free to email SilverAcorn@carolina.rr.com.

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